Antispam Policy

CommerceSend is a permission-based email marketing automation software. You can use CommerceSend for sending permission-based messages. By creating an account you agree to our terms of service and anti-spam policy.

1. Spam Definition

1.1 Sending Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the email, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, promotions, etc.

2. What are acceptable marketing messages

In simple terms this has to be permission based and user shouldn’t think that you are spam.

2.1 Sending emails to subscribers from your website
2.2 Existing or old customers (Less than 1 year old)
2.3 Leads, Customers who have opted for receiving communication from you
2.4 Mailing to group users where you are admin or trainer or for education purpose

3. Communications

3.1 Sending mails to anyone who has not explicitly agreed to receive mail from you?

3.2 Using incorrect originating address or false info on profile ?

3.3 Sending mails with misleading or deceptive subjects or offers.

3.4 Not having a working unsubscribe option?

3.5 Email lists that are purchased or scrapped from internet

3.6 Very old existing customer database (More than 2 years). Many emails would have been changed

4. What should be included in all your emails

4.1 All emails to have your physical address in email footer, one click unsubscribe option for customers to get removed from your list. You shouldn’t send emails to unsubscribed users.

5. Account Suspension

5.1 We reserve the right to suspend your account immediately and start investigating your activity if your campaigns have high percentage of spam complaints (more than 0.2%), bounces (more than 5%), unsubscribes (more then 1%) or very small open rate (less than 3%). If it turns out that you were sending emails without permission – we will terminate your account. We can ask you to prove that you have permission from your recipients and we can close your account if you do not have such proof. Otherwise, we will activate your account and you will be able to use the service again.

For any queries please mail us at support [at]

— End of Antispam Policy —

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